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    Out of the eight traits given, respondents ranked men as superior only in the trait of decision-making. Rothwell says the businessman was arrested after an "extensive and complex" investigation.

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    Although the Enlightenment was increasing the popularity of books and reading, European culture in the 17th and 18th centuries still emphasized oral communication and the primacy of hearing and touch.4 Story-telling was a much-appreciated social skill and many people gained access to books by hearing them read aloud.

    Snack covered as sites and services that collect information about how you could still find that happy with, process.

    tmp...ry_1&printer=1 I'm wretched when it comes to calculating mathematical odds. As such, when 9/11 comes around, there is a 1 in 1000 chance of any 3-digit number (including 9-1-1) being drawn. But think about it another way - what is the chance that something, anything, amazingly coincidental will happen on that day? The lottery was just one of many potential things that you could have heard about. Well, you can only match the date 10 months out of the year (1/1-9/30, plus 10/1-9, 11/1-9, 12/1-9. Is that extra variable (the streak, not individual draws) applicable to the Sept. The draft lottery was conducted in this fashion: Two drums were filled with 366 balls. There are two drawings per day, every day of the year, but matching the date is only possible 300 days of the year. Using those numbers I got the odds of this happening on any day in a given year to be about 45%... It doesn't matter that it happened on 9/11 because every day in the year has special significance for someone.

    Is the probability of the lottery drawing 9-1-1 on Sept. Zev Steinhardt I'm trying to wrap my head around this too. 11 makes it no more or less likely for 911 to come up. Is the match just a weird coincidence and only noticeable because you're looking for it? So, on any of those days, the odds are 1/1000 that the date will be picked. so you'd expect this to happen every couple of years. -fh What I found interesting was that today on the NBC evening news, they reported that "according to a mathematician the odds were one in a thousand." So they needed to go to an expert to tell them the "official" answer for what is really a very basic math question.

    Each company to consist of one captain, two lieutenants, one ensign, four sergeants, four corporals, two drums or fifes, and seventy-six privates." These were the preparations then made toward the organization of the twenty-six infantry regiments of the new Continental army, to go into service January 1, 1776, to take the places of the regiments whose terms of service would expire with December, 1775. D Weak as the army was, scantily supplied with arms, powder, and the necessary comforts of life, the coun- try looked to see it expel the British forces from Bos- ton. Washington wrote, January 14: — The reflection upon my situation and that of this army produces many an uneasy hour, when all around me are wrapped in sleep.

    November 4, it was voted that the cloth of the army should be dyed brown, and the dis- tinction of the regiments should be made in the color of the facings ; and the same day Congress " Resolved that each regiment consist of 728 men, officers in- cluded, to be divided into eight companies.

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